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The Simple Bundle

The Simple Bundle


This bundle features all smoke-free products.  You will get 3 packs of Pork Chops (2/pk), 1 pack of Pork Steaks (2/pk) , 3 packs of Ground Pork, 2 packs of Pork Cutlets (2/pk) and a delicious Pork Roast.  These meats are farm fresh and all natural! 


Choose Deluxe and get one pack of Bacon for $5 (Bacon is smoked)


  • The Simple Bundle

    3 pks of Pork Chops (2/pk)

    1 pk of Pork Steaks (2/pk)

    3 pks of Ground Pork

    1 Pork Roast

    2 pks of Pork Cutlets (2/pk)

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