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About Us

Svec Meats, started in 2019 set out to raise and sell the best meat money can buy.

Our goal is to sell the best meat possible so that anyone can put it in their freezer no matter how big or small. 



How does it work?

Unlike others there's no waiting at Svec Meats!

When you place an order on our website, you don't have to pay an arm and leg to get the best of the best. Order and it'll be ready for pick up the next day!

Svec Meats Logo

Perfect for any budget or freezer

We've got more than just a few tasty options for your consideration. We have all your favorite cuts, plus several different bundles if you're just not sure what to try first.

It's the Quality that matters!

We raise every single one of our pigs, and we use only #1 Hogs, which means you're getting the best pork for your buck. Our pigs are All Natural, Antibiotic Free and raised right here on our farm (Svec Farms) using our own grain for feed!

Our pork products are also USDA inspected.

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