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Meat Lovers Bundle

Meat Lovers Bundle


All your favorite meats are ready to meet your tastebuds! In this bundle of meat you'll get 1 pack of bacon, 2 packs of Ground Pork, 2 packs of chops (2/pk), 1 pack of breakfast sausage, 1 pack of cheese brats,3 packs of  Pork Cutlets (2/pk) and 1 pack of plain brats! That's a whole lot of farm fresh goodness ready for your freezer!


Deluxe is back! Choose the Deluxe option and enjoy 1 extra pack of bacon!



  • Pickup Policy

    All orders received Monday - Friday by 8 p.m. will be available to pick up within a week. The building will be unlocked 7 days a week from noon to 8 p.m. Please pick up your order in a timely manner. Your name and order # will be on your box(es). All online orders received from noon Saturday through Sunday will not be available for pick up until Monday at noon.

  • Product Info

    1 pack of Bacon,  2 packs of Ground Pork, 2 packs of Pork Chops (2/pk), 1 pack of Cheese Brats,  1 pack of Plain Brats and 1 Breakfast Sausage and 3 packs of Pork Cutlets (2/pk).

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